“The Amernet String Quartet excels on works by Brits and Korngold at the Dallas Symphony’s Soluna Festival”

A review by Theaterjones.com

On this exciting opportunity, the Amernet String Quartet got to perform some of our favorite works by Brits, Korngold, and Rands along with members of the Dallas Sympony. Some of the comments from the review:

Klotz is probably the best violist you will ever hear. He has a huge sound that can match the cello or the violin, depending on the texture of the music. His solo passages are stunning.

Rands’ String Quartet No. 2 is in the repertoire of the Amernet Quartet […] The opening gave violist Klotz a chance to shine and the quartet digs into the entire work with some ferocity. It is a forceful and dramatic music, filled with prickly dissonances with some detectable tonal flavorings.

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– MK